Thoughts on the human problem. Snowdonia, April 2018

An unkempt, murky pond at the side of the path, possibly stagnant, disregarded by many, is probably the perfect living conditions for insects and invertebrates. They thrive in there, and they become prey to feed larger insects, who eventually feed birds, who feed larger birds and animals. A delicate ecosystem, at breaking point. Everything has a place in the food chain, nothing goes to waste. It takes care of itself.

Then, there’s us. We eat anything, settle anywhere. Destroy anything. Multiply rapidly. We are a disease. A parasite. Vermin.

Author: myoutdoorlivingroom

Thirty-something years old. I love running, cycling, photography, nature, being outdoors and wearing shorts all-year-round. Looking for ways and experiences to disconnect from the hum of what we accept as 'living', hopefully inspiring others to do the same!

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